Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Edit, 8/7/2015:  Alright, first blog post!  I got this site up and running finally.  I am particularly excited about this for several reasons:

#1 – I think it’s really cool that I have a job now where my boss told me, “Go start a blog.”  I’m really excited to be joining Unleash the Labs in IBM Cloud!  Hopefully, my ramblings here will someday be considered no-nonsense tech talk and something I write will actually have a positive impact on someone else.

#2 – I’ve never played around with WordPress at all.  As a tinkerer, I’m anxious to see all the things it can do and learn how to customize this site such that it becomes something more than a just standard blog.

#3 – You may have noticed this site is running on Bluemix.  That is something I really wanted.  I recalled seeing a WordPress boilerplate on Bluemix so I looked for that almost right away when I was working to get this blog going.  Turns out it has been removed.  Then I started looking at IBM Containers on Bluemix.  I found that using the official WordPress image on Docker Hub would’ve been too complicated because it still wants to connect to a MySQL DB somewhere, which could be another container on Bluemix, but that’s still two containers and I didn’t want that.  Then, I found Miguel Clement’s excellent post and it was exactly what I was looking for.   I had a little trouble for some reason when I first loaded the WordPress site in my browser after following all of his instructions.  The page I saw wanted me to manually specify the DB info still so I tried values based on the creds for the ClearDB service which I found in the Bluemix dashboard, but it didn’t work so I then left a comment on Miguel’s blog.  :-)  I stepped away for a bit, then thought to try and load the site again in an incognito window and voila!  All seems well now.

Anyway, I’ll do this again very soon.

Edit, 8/25/2015:  The site and all posts have moved to this location.  I am no longer running the site as a container on Bluemix.  :-\