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Murad Korejo (mer-odd  core-ray-jo)

I joined IBM in September 2006 after graduating from Tulane University a year prior with a BS in Computer Engineering. I spent 10 years at IBM and worked with a number of tools and organizations during that time, including test automation tools (performance testing, functional testing, application security testing), application lifecycle management tools, enterprise modernization tools, and DevOps tooling. My primary role at IBM was to architect solutions using these tools, and to help organizations realize the value associated with these solutions. I earned a MS in IT Project Management from Purdue University in 2015 which has helped me a good bit when speaking with clients about DevOps, organizational change, best practices, risk versus reward, and project management in general. Towards the end of my tenure at IBM, late 2015 in fact, I moved to team in IBM Cloud called Unleash the Labs and began work as a Developer Advocate, primarily focused on UrbanCode solutions. That is also when I started this blog.

In March 2017, I made the bold decision to leave IBM and join Perficient, where I hope to broaden my skillset by working with different tools and different technology vendors going forward.

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